Forensic Counseling Degrees

Forensic counselors don’t spend their days analyzing crime scene evidence in a lab; they help courts decide how best to treat and manage criminal offenders.

The Forensic Counseling Profession

Forensic counselors are therapists specially trained to be criminal justice specialists. Not only do they treat criminal offenders, they are often the experts courts call upon when judges have to decide on appropriate sentencing and treatment for convicted criminals. Forensic counselors must be skilled in conflict resolution and negotiation, know mental health law, and even how to mediate in child custody cases. Some may choose to specialize in juvenile justice and delinquency. Counselors must be prepared to testify in court and offer advice, and sometimes arrange for medical care and other outside services once the offender is released.

Forensic Counseling Degree Options

To become a forensic counselor, you must have a Master’s degree in Forensic Counseling. Many students have already achieved their Bachelor’s degrees in education, psychology, criminal justice, or human services. Forensic Counseling programs are often offered as specializations of Psychology or general Counseling degrees. For example, you might obtain a Master’s degree in mental health counseling with a specialization in forensic counseling. All degree programs should prepare you to take the certification exam.

Online Forensic Science and Criminal Justice Degrees

Forensic science, or forensics, is a rapidly growing field of criminal investigation whereby forensic technicians employ their technical skills in the field. To become a forensic scientist, students must obtain at least an associate's degree in fields such as criminal investigation, forensic psychology, criminal justice, and more.

Kaplan University — At Kaplan University, students can get a forensic science bachelor's degree in two different concentrations: forensic psychology and crime scene investigation. No matter which program you choose, Kaplan will quickly prepare you for a career in forensic science.

American InterContinental University — AICU's justice and forensic science program is designed to be a fast-track course that will help anyone segue into a job as a crime scene forensic science analyst after only one year of schooling.

St. Joseph’s University — The MSCJ in Intelligence and Crime Analysis from St. Joseph’s University is offered online for busy adults who may already have other commitments that keep them out of class during normal hours. The flexible program will give students the skills they need to begin a criminal investigative career after graduation.

Walden University — Walden University offers their master's in forensic psychology degree program fully online. Students of this program will gain insights into how forensic psychologists work with the legal system on reducing criminal behavior within a community. A graduate of this program is well-equipped to become a psychologist in a correctional institution, mental health center, psychiatric facility, child welfare agency, and more.

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