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Top 25 Sites for CSI Fans | The Forensic Files

Top 25 Sites for CSI Fans

One of the best dramas on television is CSI. CSI follow the cases of crime scene investigators — forensic scientists. While most CSIs probably don’t have such exciting cases and lives, it is still an interesting career, and one that has been brought to the forefront by the show. If you are interested in learning more about CSI, and even see some great images and videos, here are 25 CSI fan sites that offer you a chance to go deeper into the show:


  1. Official CSI site offers a look at CSI from the official source. You can watch past episodes, read episode recaps, see teasers from the upcoming season, chat while you watch and enjoy cast information and interviews.
  2. CSI:The Experience provides a behind the scenes look at a special exhibit about CSI and what goes into the show. While the physical exhibit runs for a limited time, the Web site is chock full of images, cast information and a fun test that lets you analyze the evidence.
  3. CSI: Fan Club provides insight into all three CSI shows (Las Vegas, Miami and New York). Image galleries, forums, and character profiles are available.
  4. CSI: Fanatic provides great spoilers from upcoming episodes, as well as cast bios from all three shows. There is also a section on the CSI show in the news, and other forensics issues. There are also fun games and quizzes that you can take.
  5. CSI Files offers episode guides, news and really cool interviews with cast members from all three shows.
  6. CSI Wiki is a WetPaint site that allows you to contribute. There is CSI news, as well as images, videos, trivia and a page that connects you to still more CSI fan sites.
  7. TV Loop’s CSI page is a fun place to go and play quizzes about the show. Additionally, you can join the discussion, read show recaps and get quotes from characters in the show. Read fan chains and interact with others who love CSI almost as much as you do.
  8. CSI Wikia represents another fan Wiki containing videos, images and character bios from all three CSI shows. You can also get templates and get ideas for CSI-related projects.
  9. Shades On Shades Off is a CSI fan site devoted to CSI Miami. There are bios for the cast members, including pretty cool images from other projects cast members have been involved with (i.e. David Caruso in NYPD Blue).
  10. CSI Forensics is devoted to showing you around the world of CSI. Episode recaps from all three shows, as well as information on the series, CSI challenges (you can compare your case solve rate to others’), and information on cast and characters.
  11. Home of the GSR Addict is devoted to a number of aspects of CSI. You can see episode updates, and see images and videos. You can also read about “geek love” between characters on CSI, as well as get some cool behind the scenes looks as well.
  12. Crimelab.nl is actually a New Zealand CSI fan site. It is devoted to all three CSI shows, and also includes information on NCIS and Cold Case, as well as other forensic science shows. Quotes, character bios, merchandise and other cool features can be found.
  13. Talk CSI provides a place to chat about the three shows, and enjoy the comraderie of like-minded individuals. This site includes announcements about the show, episode guides and other helpful information and tidbits.
  14. Boxxet CSI page offers a great chance to buy merchandise, watch videos and view images. You can also see episode recaps and get previews and spoilers from upcoming episodes. Get new about the show — including information about press tours.
  15. MySpace CSI Fan Club is a place for MySpace users to congregate and share information about the show. There are videos, as well as music and information on cast members. It includes a “Who I’d Like to Meet Feature” that is quite interesting.
  16. CSI at TV.com has a great place to learn about the show and the cast members. You can watch full episodes, as well as see reviews of the show, see images and read about the cast and crew. There is also a blog and trivia related to CSI.
  17. Watching CSI offers show news and interviews with CSI stars. News about all three CSI shows is available, along with images and some videos. Episode recaps and commentary are also available.
  18. CSI at Wikipedia has a great bit of information on the show, its background and its episodes. Learn interesting tidbits about things like where the show’s theme song came from, and keep up with releases. There is even a section on CSI parodies.
  19. CSI on Facebook is a good place to watch videos, see fan photos and comment on what you see. There are also individual Facebook pages for each of the three shows, with CSI Miami page having the most fans.
  20. CSI at IMDB provides detailed cast bios, along with episode lists from all three shows. You can watch videos and full episodes, as well as view images. Plot synopses are avvailable as well.
  21. CSI: NY Fan Wiki is devoted to the CSI: NY installment of the show. The wiki allows fans to contribute. Episode details and images are available. Additionally, there is a section on relationships between characters. Vote for which characters you want to see get together. There are other polls and activities as well.
  22. CSI Fan Club at FanPop offers video, photos, bios and more. Additionally, there is a question forum where people can get their questions about the show answered.
  23. William Peterson Appreciation Page devotes itself to the actor who plays “Grissom” on CSI. Even though he left the show, many are still enthralled with him, and there are rumors that he will be back. These rumors are untrue right now, but if you want your “Grisson” fix you can get it with pictures and video, as well as information on projects he is involved with beyond CSI.
  24. CSI Fanfic is for those who are interested in fan fiction. Want to create art or additional stories using characters from CSI? Want to read what others are doing with CSI characters? This is the place for you!
  25. GRSFanGirl writes fan fiction, as well as provides videos and photos from the show.
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