Top 50 Blogs for Forensic Science Technicians

Forensic science includes a number of interesting parts from a variety of disciplines. In fact, in order to be a good forensic science technician, it can help to have a basic understanding of a few different areas of science, as well as a working knowledge of criminal justice policy and procedure. Here are 50 top blogs for forensic science technicians:

General Forensics Blogs

US_Army_CID_agents_at_crime_sceneIf you want a basic overview of forensics, these blogs can give you a great look at what the world is like when you are a forensic science technician.

  1. Forensic Crime Scene: Learn about different aspects of a crime scene, and how you can use forensics to solve a crime.
  2. Zeno’s month: Get inside information on the life of a forensic scientist.
  3. Forensic Talk: An interesting look at the issues facing those working forensics.
  4. All About Forensic Science: An overview of different techniques of interest related to forensics.
  5. Forensic Science: The writers at Suite 101 offer helpful insights into forensics.
  6. Forensics Wiki: A helpful resource for all things related to forensic science.
  7. Forensic News Blog: Learn about the latest news and information in the world of forensics — and how the media presents the science.

Physiology and Anatomy Blogs

A basic understanding of how the human body works can go a long way for a forensic technician, since you might be dealing with answering questions that require some knowledge.

  1. Morbid Anatomy: Get a good idea of human anatomy and morbidity. Also includes interesting art related to the subject of death.
  2. Human Physiology Mcqs Postgraduate Entrance preparation: Learn about different aspects of human physiology in a way that can help your forensic ability.
  3. Medical Eponyms with Explanations: Get an overview of different names you might run into.
  4. Helpful information about medicine and anatomy.
  5. Anatomy and Physiology Blog: This offering from Sacramento State can bring insight into the human body.

Toxicology and Pathology Blogs

You hear about “toxicology reports” quite a bit in forensic science. You may also need to understand pathology. These blogs can help you learn more about how that all works.

  1. Accelrys: Explores a number of issues in science research, including toxicology.
  2. Digital Pathology Blog: Learn about digital pathology, including tissue pathology.
  3. Neuropathology Blog: Learn about the pathology of diseases affecting the neurological system.
  4. Look at different cases, and learn things that can help you as a forensic science technician.

DNA/Genetics Blogs

Genetic testing and DNA evidence are increasingly important parts of crime investigation, and these blogs can give you a good idea of how it all works.

  1. Plain Error: A look at DNA evidence and testing.
  2. it is NOT junk: A DNA blog focused genomes, evolution and issues related to the study of our make-up.
  3. Think Gene: Keep up with what is happening in the world of genetics.
  4. DNA Blog: Get information about DNA and genetic testing from CyGene Direct.
  5. Eye on DNA: A look at how DNA is being used in science and technology.

Ballistics and Guns Blogs

Learn about how guns work, and learn how this knowledge can be used to aid your work as a forensic science technician.

  1. Ballistic Simulator: Provides helpful examples of how you can use a ballistic simulator to figure out what happens when a gun is shot.
  2. An interesting weapons ballistics blog.
  3. Online Guns Blog: A look at guns, and different aspects of them.
  4. Dustin’s Gun Blog: Learn about guns, how they work and different characteristics of different guns.
  5. The Firearm Blog: A helpful look at the different properties and aspects of firearms.

X-ray Blogs

It helps to understand how x-rays work, and how to read them, since you might use them in your work.

  1. X Ray Technician Blog: Learn a little bit about radiology and x-rays.
  2. OptoIQ: News and information about using x-rays and other aspects of optics to solve a number of mysteries.
  3. Interesting posts and articles on imaging and the latest news in radiology.
  4. Medical Imaging Talk: Get the latest news in medical imaging and learn useful information for forensic science.

Criminal Justice Blogs

Learn the ins and outs of the criminal justice system.

  1. Expert Witness Blog: Many forensic scientists and technicians are used as expert witnesses. Learn what it takes to do this well.
  2. Total Criminal Defense: A look at the basics of criminal defense and what goes into it.
  3. Criminal Justice Online: Interesting cases, and insight into the way evidence gathering works, and how evidence is used in the criminal justice system.
  4. Criminal Justice USA: Insight into improving your career as a criminal justice professional.
  5. Dorf on Law: Learn about the legal system from a Cornell professor.

Law Enforcement Blogs

You will have to work closely with cops, so learn about their point of view so that you understand how you can help.

  1. Mr. Police Man: Learn about what it’s like to be out there on the front lines.
  2. The Chief’s Corner: Police life from the perspective of a police chief.
  3. The Plastic Fuzz: An interesting blog about life as a police officer. Also serves as a support community. You will need permission to read this blog.
  4. The Johnny Law Chronicles: A real world look at the life of a police officer.
  5. Police Inspector Blog: A cool police blog with a U.K. twist.

Crime Psychology Blogs

Learning how the criminal mind works can help you become a better forensic science technician.

  1. Deception Blog: This blog is all about the psychology of deception when it comes to crime.
  2. In the news by Karen Franklin PhD: This is an interesting blog about crime psychology by a former forensic psychologist.
  3. Sociology and Criminology at Keele University: Study criminology and how it relates to society.
  4. Centre of Criminology Library Blog: Insight into what is happening in the minds of criminals.

Specialized Forensic Blogs

From computer forensics to forensic accounting to forensic anthropology, there are some different specialized fields related to forensics.

  1. Forensic Astrology: That’s right. Some people use the skies to solve forensic mysteries.
  2. Forensic Photoshop: Helpful tips and tutorials on using Photoshop with your forensics career.
  3. Computer Forensics: Learn about the lives of a team of computer forensic scientists.
  4. Computer Forensic Blog: Get the latest happenings in computer forensics.
  5. Forensic Medicine Resources: Information and resources related to forensic medicine.
  6. Afarensis: A look at forensic anthropology and some of the news issues associated with the science.
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