Top 50 Forensic Science Blogs

Are you into forensic toxicology, psychology, pathology, anthropology, entomology, odontology, botany or serology? While many expert sites exist online, it’s rare to find currently updated information on forensic science in blogs. But, the following list of fifty blogs that focus on forensic sciences bring new information on a regular basis.

The list below is categorized with information from colleges, experts, writers and journalists. You’ll also learn about the dark side of computer forensics and you may enjoy a touch of forensic astrology or a return to dead files that have been reopened with DNA evidence. They’re all here, listed in alphabetical order beneath each category.

Learning Mode

  1. Forensic Crime Scene: Learn about autopsies, blood spatter, DNA, footprints and more from this couple who are fascinated with forensic science and true crime television shows.
  2. Forensic Science: Learn more about this science, including biological evidence, crime scene processing, DNA, pathology and more from Suite 101 writers.
  3. Forensic Science Blog: Follow the forensic science students at the University of Florida as they report on their studies and findings.
  4. Mount Ida College Criminal Justice/Forensic Science Blog: This blog covers the doings at the Mount Ida College’s criminal justice and forensics department, including current research.

In the Field

  1. All About Forensic Science: This blog is just one small portion of an extensive Web site maintained by a forensic psychologist and a forensic odontologist. The focus is on psychological impacts of mass casualty incidents on forensic odontologists and biting behavior – but, there’s so much more to this site.
  2. Coroner Stories: A long-running yet sporadic blog on coroner issues, thoughts and practices.
  3. Crime/Punishment: Charles Montaldo is a private detective who has worked in various crime detection areas. He’s created an online criminal library at
  4. Forensics Talk: Learn more about workplace issues, psychology, science and more forensic topics from this forensic nurse.
  5. “Live from the Coroner’s Office”: This Lake County coroner focuses on child and adolescent issues, politics (it’s an elected office) and more.
  6. OSTP Blog: A blog from the Office of Science and Technology Policy that brings some transparency to forensice issues at the government level.
  7. The Writer’s Forensics Blog: Dr. Lyle, a cardiologist, is an award-winning author, probably best known for his books, Forensics for Dummies and the fictional Devil’s Playground. His blog focuses on current and historical crime and forensics.
  8. Zeno’s Month: Zeno is a forensic scientist at the Netherlands Forensic Institute of the Ministry of Justice. You’ll find information about forensic image processing and biometrics, forensic science, forensic psychiatry and other aspects of forensic evidence here.

Criminal Law & Justice

  1. CrimProf Blog: Dean Kevin Cole at the University of San Diego School of Law writes about a wide variety of crime law topics.
  2. Grits for Breakfast: This blogger looks at the Texas criminal justice system, “with a little politics and whatever else suits the author’s fancy…”
  3. Sentencing Law and Policy: If you’ve ever wondered about how or why criminals are prosecuted, then follow Douglas A. Berman’s blog to learn more.
  4. Texas Criminal Law: Follow this Texas criminal lawyer as he deals with the criminal process from investigation through pre-trial, trial, appeals and post-conviction proceedings.
  5. White Collar Crime Prof Blog: Ellen S. Podgor, professor of law at Stetson University College of Law focuses on white-collar crime issues.

Forensic Reporting

  1. Caroline’s Crime Scene: Crime Reporter Caroline Lowe provides readers with an inside perspective into the world of crime. Caroline, who also has a police officer’s license, includes her thoughts on stories and offers tips and advice on self-protection.
  2. Crime: This is an interactive CNN section that focuses on national crime issues and developments.
  3. Crime Scene: Brought to you by Jennifer Lebovich and Andrea Torres from the Miami Herald. Plenty of links and information behind-the-scenes.
  4. Crime Scene Blog: The metro editor and crime reporter for the San Gabriel Valley Newspapers write about local crime scene investigations and more. They bring a behind-the-scenes perspective that is riveting.
  5. Crime Scene KC: From Amber Alerts to Wrongly Convicted, this Kansas City Star blog dishes up forensic science and true crime daily.
  6. Crimesider: CBS offers up “true crime” from this portal that offers a daily blotter, cybercrime, police interrogations and more.
  7. Dr. G. Medical Examiner: TV Show, forums, podcasts and more offered by this Discovery Channel venue.
  8. Dumb as a Blog: Although this Tru-TV blog isn’t our first pick for forensic information, the venue it hides behind is chock-full of forensic news, information about crime and more (be sure to check out their Crime Library).
  9. In Session: This CNN blog reports on national forensic news from investigations to testimonies to trials.
  10. Texas Death Penalty Blog: This link leads to the Dallas News blog that focuses on Texas’ death penalty issues.
  11. The Charles Smith Blog: This former Toronto Star reporter focuses on the failures of forensic pathologists and forensic pathology.

Crime Psychology

  1. In The News: Dr. Franklin is a forensic psychologist and an adjunct professor. She also is a former criminal investigator and legal affairs reporter who writes about forensic psychology, criminology and psychology law.
  2. Terrorism Research News: Collating details of social and behavioral research on terrorism and responses to terrorism.
  3. PsychBLOG: This UK blogger writes about anything related to the OCR (Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations) A-Level Psychology course. This means he writes about all levels of psychology including forensic psychology.

Crime Scene

  1. Crime Scene Cleanup Blog: A totally different take on the crime scene – from the aftermath, when all evidence has been collected. Someone needs to clean up, right?
  2. CSI Blog: The National Museum of Crime and Punishment offers a blog that focuses on crime scene investigation.
  3. The Crime Scene: This blog focuses on crime investigation in and around southwest Missouri.


  1. Expert Witness Blog: What does it take to become an expert witness? What do those witnesses do? Learn everything you wanted to know and more about this element of investigation from this blog.
  2. Forensic Astrology: Stick forensic science and astrology together and you have a blog on unsolved crimes and missing persons cases.
  3. Forensic Photoshop: Forensic Photoshop includes tips, how-tos, step-by-steps, and advanced techniques for using Photoshop in a forensic workflow for document examiners, forensic video analysts, latent print examiners and more.
  4. The Agitator: This writer and editor specializes in investigative writing on civil liberties, the drug war and the criminal justice system with an interesting perspective.
  5. The Smoking Gun: Although this long-standing site doesn’t look like a blog, it is an updated site – check the RSS feed and current articles. This blog brings exclusive documents obtained from government and law enforcement sources.
  6. Whistleblowers Protection Blog: Learn about white crime and whistle-blower protections from The National Whistleblowers Legal Defense and Education Fund’s blog.

A Return to the Crime Scene

  1. Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project: The Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project (MAIP) is a non-profit organization that provides investigative and legal assistance to incarcerated people who have been wrongly convicted in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.
  2. Plain Error: Through the use of DNA testing, the Innocence Project of Florida (IPF) helps innocent prisoners in Florida obtain their freedom and rebuild their lives.
  3. The Innocence Project: This blog is maintained by a non-profit legal clinic that focuses on biological evidence to help prove claims of innocence among prisoners.
  4. The Justice Project: This blog is written by a nonpartisan organization focuses on fighting injustice by increasing fairness and accuracy in the criminal justice system.

Computer Forensics

  1. A Day in the Life of an Information Security Investigator: This security guru shares his unique experiences working with federal, corporate, and military institutions and provides his perspective on the security issues impacting the IT industry today.
  2. Computer Forensics: Follow this team of GIAC-Certified forensic analysts as they share their thoughts on digital forensic and incident response techniques and trends.
  3. Computer Forensics/E-Discovery Tips/Tricks and Information: If you’re into computer forenics and electronic discovery, use this blog for tips and tricks.
  4. Forensic Focus Blog: Jamie Morris offers thoughts and musings on computer forensics.
  5. Forensic Incident Response: Learn more about forensic science, incident response, methodologies, and the ability to relate real world investigations to digital ones.
  6. The Dark Visitor: Get a glimpse into the world of China’s hackers through the eyes of a retired U.S. Army intelligence agent and Chinese linguist.
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