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Top 50 Personal Security Blogs | The Forensic Files

Top 50 Personal Security Blogs

Are you worried about your personal and online security? Even if you aren’t worried about it, someone else is blogging about it — at least about how you can protect yourself. Now, all you need to do is find those blogs and apply their tips, news and advice to your life. The list below is a start, as it contains the top fifty personal security blogs on the Internet today, all updated and ready to use.

This list is divided into categories that address information security, spam issue, privacy law, cybercrime, homeland security blogs, identity theft and white collar crime. Each blog, which addresses how these issues affect the general public and Internet users, is listed in alphabetical order within each category. This method assures readers that we do not favor one blog over another.

Information Security Blogs

  1. Amrit Williams Blog: This is the personal blog for Amrit Williams, who has over 18 years of experience in information technology, security, and risk management and is currently the Chief Technology Officer of BigFix, an enterprise systems and security management solution provider.
  2. Bruce Schneier: Bruce Schneier covers security and security technology news and issues in this blog.
  3. Information Security Resources: The goal at this blog is to help industry stakeholders, government regulators, and the public better understand and address the mounting information security threats inherent in the information age.
  4. Liquid Matrix Security Digest: Dave Lewis has been working on this blog for a decade, reporting news about computer, network and information security.
  5. Roger’s Information Security Blog: Use this blog to learn more about antivirus protection, cyberlaw, hacks, spam, spyware and more.
  6. Security Fix: Brian Krebs reports on computer security for the Washington Post.
  7. The Internet Security Zone: Software developer, ZoneAlarm, offers this blog on current Internet security topics such as Facebook, ID theft, PC security, technology, phishing and much mroe.
  8. ThreatChaos: Learn about security from Richard Stiennon, a security expert and industry analyst who is known for shaking up the industry and providing actionable guidance to vendors and end users.
  9. ThreatPost: Learn more about topics such as compliance and regulations, data breaches, encryption and malware attacks through this blog.
  10. Virus Bulletin: This is a blog and an in-depth magazine on malware and spam. Learn more about how to fight both and how to protect your systems from attack.

Spam Issues

  1. All Spammed Up: If you want anti-spam attitudes in a business environment, use this blog to learn more about phishing, security, spam news and how to fight spam.
  2. Spam Notes: Venkat Balasubramani is the principal of Balasubramani Law, and he focuses on email, electronic communications, online networks, privacy and more in this blog.
  3. Spam Resource: Al Iverson has been blogging about email, anti-spam, deliverability and related topics for over seven years.
  4. Spamnation: The purpose of this site is to collect information that might be of use to people who are trying to reduce their own spam load or protect the systems that they administer against spam.
  5. SpamScams: SpamScams.net is about uncovering and archiving spam email, scams, and email phishing schemes.
  6. Terry Zink’s Anti Spam Blog: Terry Zink is a Program Manager for Microsoft Forefront Online Security, and he writes about what that spam team does spam team while avoiding tactics that are not publicly available on their web page.
  7. The Spam Diaries: News and musings about the fight against spam by Edward Falk, who has been writing about spam since 1977.

Privacy Law Blogs

  1. Information Law Group: This is a new blog, written by David Navetta, that focuses on privacy, security, technology and intellectual property.
  2. Privacy and Information Security Law Blog: Hunton & Williams LLP provides legal services to corporations, financial institutions, governments and individuals, as well as to a broad array of other entities. They also provide this blog, which focuses on technology security issues.
  3. Privacy and Security Law Blog: Davis Wright Tremaine LLP provides a service to readers who want to know more about the legalities involved with privacy and security issues.
  4. Privacy Law: Keith Enright is a recognized expert in the field of data privacy and information management and is highly involved in shaping and developing business best practices and methodologies around data stewardship and information management.
  5. Privacy Law Blog: This blog is maintained by Kristen J. Mathews of Proskauer Rose LLP. Topics include CAN-SPAM, children’s online privacy and more.
  6. Security, Privacy and the Law: The Foley Hoag Security, Privacy and the Law Blog focuses on the security and privacy issues encountered by businesses that often require immediate and discreet solutions.
  7. Technology and Marketing Law Blog: You can learn much about technology and marketing legalities from Eric Goldman, an Associate Professor of Law at Santa Clara University School of Law. He also is director of the High Tech Law Institute.

Cyber Crime, Compliance and Justice

  1. Bank Info Security: Learn more from these bloggers about information security, compliance and technology issues.
  2. Cyber Crime Lawyer Blog: David Seltzer from Balliro, Galasso, Leskovich & Seltzer LLP provides news and insight into cyber crime, media and more with this blog that touches on current issues.
  3. CYB3RCRIM3: Susan Brenner is a law professor who speaks, writes and consults on cybercrime and cyberconflict.
  4. CyberCrime & Doing Time: Gary Warner talks about cyber wars, digital certificates, phishing, public policy and more in his blog.
  5. Cybercrime Law: While not every activity that has an adverse effect to today’s networked society is criminal, most of them would be subject to review and analysis. Policies for preventing cyber crime are fair game; opinions by experts, geeks, lawyers, and mere users would be welcomed at this blog by Dimo Michailov.
  6. The Cyber Sleuth: Surf into a dimension of crime that includes cops, robbers, technology and guile. “It’s the middle ground between privacy and exposure; suspicion and surveillance; and security and panic.”
  7. The Red Tape Chronicles: Bob Sullivan covers Internet scams and consumer fraud for MSNBC.com. The Red Tape Chronicles is MSNBC.com’s effort to unmask “corporate sneakiness, government waste and technology run amuk” and offer real solutions that save you time and money.

Homeland Security and Government Security

  1. Disastor Zone: Disaster Zone is dedicated to sharing information about the world of emergency management and homeland security.
  2. Government Computer News: This blog/magazine is managed by 1105 Government Information Group, a provider of integrated information and media for the government information technology market.
  3. Government Technology: This blog does not feature issues within the government as much as provide solutions for state and local governments who must deal with providing and receiving online information.
  4. Homeland Security Watch: This blog features breaking news, analysis and informed commentary on critical homeland security issues. Contributors include Phil Palin and Christopher Bellavita.
  5. Homeland Stupidity: This blog about homeland security is entertaining, insightful and irreverant. It also provides a side of the story that you may not like nor agree with, but it’s one perspective.
  6. HomeStation: A blog by the Integrative Center for Homeland Security that reports on topics such as emergency preparedness, border security and critical infrastructure among other issues.
  7. The Blog at Homeland Security: If you want news straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, then visit this blog to learn more about how this government agency operates.

Identity Theft

  1. Fight Identity Theft: The goal of this blog is to make you more aware of the risks of identity theft and to present clear steps you can take to protect yourself.
  2. Identity Theft Blog: Look for useful tips and information on categories such as ID theft, theft prefention and how to identify identity theft.
  3. Id Theft Secrets Blog: This blog offers quick tips, reviews and resources to aid busy consumers in protecting credit and personal information from identity theft fraud.
  4. Identity Theft News and Blogs: This is a top news source for information about video, blogging, identity theft and data breaches.
  5. ITAC Blog: Stay on top of the blogs contained here to learn how corporations, government entities and more are learning how to protect your privacy and security.
  6. Privacy and Identity Theft: David Jevans is the Chief Executive Officer of IronKey, based in Los Altos, California. He is also the Chairman and Founder of the Anti-Phishing Working Group, the leading non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating identity theft and fraud on the Internet.

White Collar Crime

  1. Letter of Apology: Solomon L. Wisenberg is a white collar criminal defense attorney located in Washington, DC. He handles federal white collar matters throughout the nation and writes about current white collar crime issues.
  2. The Informant: The National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) maintains this blog, focused on the high-tech and economic crime landscapes.
  3. The Power Elite: This blogger firmly believes that this recession was caused by white collar crime. But, that’s not the only topic this sociology and criminal justice teacher touches on in his blog. Read on for intelligent and insightful points about white collar crime and justice.
  4. White Collar Crime News: In addition to white collar crime, this attorney focuses on computer and street crime, business law, identity theft assistance and more through his New Jersey offices.
  5. White Collar Crime Prof Blog: Ellen S. Podgor, professor of law at Stetson University College of Law, writes a continuous stream of information about crimes, legal situations and news that centers on those folks who wear white collars.
  6. White Collar Fraud: A convicted felon and a former CPA offers information on how to detect and report white collar crime. He also teaches law enforcement, professionals, and students about white collar crime and how to catch corporate miscreants.
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