25 Useful Android Apps for Private Detectives and Investigators

One of the most interesting jobs you can do is that of private investigator. You aren’t a forensic scientist when you do this job, but you do need to have some of the same qualities. You need to show attention to detail, and be willing to think outside the box as you follow the evidence.

Even though a private investigator is not law enforcement, it is important to note that P.I.s need to be properly licensed, and have the right credentials to work in that capacity. Once you are properly credentialed as a private investigator, you can help others find people, gather evidence, and perform other functions. You can get help in your efforts with an Android phone. The right apps on your smartphone can help you do your job better. Here are 25 Android apps that P.I.s might find useful:

GPS and Mapping Apps

You can use GPS and mapping applications to find subjects, and ensure that you don’t get lost. These applications can also be used to track subjects, seeing where they go. You can mark locations on your map and look at them later to work out patterns.

  1. Google Maps Navigation: A great app that combines Google Maps and GPS functionality. You can use this to find your way, and follow a route. Or, you can use it for street view. A great way to see what’s happening on the street where a subject leaves.
  2. CoPilot: A GPS app that offers great functionality. Helps you find your way, and allows you to plan routes. You can use this in conjunction with your P.I. activities.
  3. Layar: This is a cool app that allows you to add real time information about where you are at. Use it to add information about a particular scene. You can receive added information from info previously entered, and add your own. Great for adding information about what you are seeing.
  4. a2b: Add voice notes about locations you are visiting. When you are watching someone, or research information while you look for a missing person, you can add your impressions about a location, and they will remain on the map and help you do your work.
  5. Sherpa: Another GPS app that integrates information about your surroundings and different locations. Also allows you, as the user, to add your own information, including recommendations and reminders related to a specific location.
  6. Enkin: Use your camera, along with what’s already there from the web, to add information about different locations. Add your own placemarkers. Perfect for if you have to revisit a location, or if you want to rule one out.
  7. AndNav: Helpful navigational maps for Android. Great way to ensure that you always know where you are.
  8. Advanced GPS Tool: You can use this tool with Google Maps. Advanced tools that allow you to set locations, as well as record miles. This is great if you want to deduct miles on your taxes when driving for your P.I. business.
  9. GPS Optimisation: Designed to improve the GPS signal for your phone. Perfect if you want to get a little boost.

Information Apps

These apps are great for finding information, and for storing it. Look up names and numbers, and do research. These apps can help you do your job better, and can help you get a little more information about a subject, or learn more about some other subject that might be of use.

  1. WhitePages: Use this Android app to find phone numbers, and learn more about locating people.
  2. Perfect Public Records: You can search public records. Look up criminal records, court records, military records and more. A great way to start any investigation, and something that can be of use for you when you begin a case.
  3. Private i: Use this app to help you look for information, find records and hunt down subjects. A helpful app for many P.I.s.
  4. The Detection of Forgery: Learn more about how to detect forgery. Understand the principles behind handwriting comparison. An interesting reference for those interested in handwriting.
  5. BeenVerified: An amazing Android application that runs background checks. You can do a quick background check on clients, or even on subjects. Great tool if you want to check on people.
  6. Mobile Background Check: Another background checking application that you can use to look for information on others.
  7. MobiStealth: This is a spy app meant as a tracking app. You can put it on someone’s phone to track them, and find out where they go. Placing it might be a problem, though.

Organization Apps

A private investigator needs to be organized. A P.I. should be able to keep information straight, and have it readily available. Meetings, or information about where a subject might be at a specific time might need to be recorded. You can use organization apps to help you keep appointments and information straight, and record your thoughts and impressions.

  1. DropBox: If you want to synchronize your files, you can use this app. It’s great for making sure that you can keep your files in order.
  2. Jorte: Great scheduler and organization app. It’s a helpful appointment organizer. Add notes, and keep your meetings in order.
  3. CallTrack: Log your calls right to Google apps. You can keep track of calls that come in, and even those you miss. Keep up with clients and others with help from this app.
  4. Evernote: Keep your thoughts organized. You can note things you see, and go back to them later. A great tool for keep track of everything.
  5. Voice Recorder: You can make voice notes, for easy retrieval. You can also record others. Record meetings, and listen in later.
  6. ToDoRoo: Organizational app and reminder. Keeps you updated on your schedule, and even offers reminders. Never miss a meeting, and keep up with your tasks as they are related to your P.I. work.
  7. Document Scanner: Scan documents. Whether you are researching at the library, or found some evidence, this scanner can help you keep track of what you find, and properly organize it.
  8. Time Recording: You can keep track of your time. If you bill by the hour, this is a great organizational tool.
  9. AK Notepad: Awesome Android app that allows you to simply jot notes. You can search later by title, or customize the way they look.
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