35 Fantastic Online Tutorials for Forensic Science Students

Anyone who is a forensic science student or who works day to day in the field knows that the practice can change as quickly as the technology. As with most sciences, students are asked to look to the history as well as the future, but there is only so much you can learn with textbooks.

To help supplement an education in forensic science, we have collected 35 fantastic online tutorials for forensic science students. They contain everything from helping you get a better grasp on science to learning more about a specific area of the practice of forensics.

Fantastic Online Tutorials for Science Students

Start here and get help in all kinds of science with these tutorials.

  1. Science Online Tutorials
    These tutorials are provided by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. They have help and the latest news in all kinds of science. There is even this short video to show you how to utilize their site.
  2. Scientific American
    The multimedia section alone is worth the visit for all its scientific tutorials. There are podcasts for Earth, space, and health science, as well as the not to be missed 60 Second Science Podcast. You can also check out the many videos and slideshows with more.
  3. Science Channel
    Part of the Discovery Network, this channel is dedicated to science tutorials. Stop by to view tons of clips on loads of areas. They also have quizzes, games, and more.
  4. Science Direct
    Stop here for a virtual database of scientific tutorials. They have loads of options for students including journals, PDFs, and much more. Be sure to check out the help on how to search for tutorials.
  5. Brightontuition
    If the above is too complex, stop here. These science tutorials are intended for students in grades six through 12. Chemistry, physics, biology, and math are all featured.
  6. Science Animations
    See science in practice by stopping here. They have movies and interactive tutorial links on many scientific topics from interactive biochemistry to NASA simulations.
  7. Biology Online
    If looking for just biology tutorials, stop here. They have entries for plant biology, the evolution of life, and more. You can also check out the forum and dictionary with more.
  8. How Stuff Works
    Finally, no science lesson would be complete without this site. It is full of tutorials on how various things work from life to technology. Current most popular items include flooded houses and survival skills.

Fantastic Online Tutorials for Forensic Science Students

Looking for just forensic science tutorials? Then check out the below.

  1. Forensic Science Resources on the Internet
    Cynthia Holt of George Washington University provides this introductory tutorial to forensic science. Areas covered include starting points, case files, ethics, and many others. She also links to items of interest.
  2. Scientific Testimony Tutorials
    Three separate forensic science tutorials can be found here. They are on forensic evidence, DNA testing, and expert qualifications. The homepage also has more.
  3. Forensic Science Tutorials
    These tutorials are part of Wiz IQ. They include entries from actual college students on the topic. Simply click to download.
  4. Forensic Science
    Get several tutorials on forensic science here from the University of Illinois at Chicago. They include entries on bloodstain pattern analysis, DNA, firearms, molecular expressions, and virtual autopsy. You can also check out their Anatomy TV and justice multimedia.
  5. Crime Scene Investigator Network
    Loads of forensic science tutorials can be found here. They include evidence collection, photography, and other relevant articles. You can also get forensic science items in the news here.
  6. DNA and Forensic Science
    See how the two combine in these tutorials. They have true cases and even unsolved crimes for the viewing. You can also get tutorials in other areas of crime.
  7. Let Evidence Reveal the Truth
    Learn the essential steps to forensic science in this tutorial from Think Quest. The scene, autopsy, evidence, and more are all shared. It is even featured in Chinese and German.
  8. Forensic Science Central
    Get a timeline in forensic science with a visit here. It has the early beginnings from Babylonian times to modern day. You can also find other forensic science items of interest here.
  9. All About Forensic Science
    Get a one stop shop of forensic science tutorials with a visit here. They have items for the history, evidence, cold cases, and much more. You can also get links to other related resources.

Fantastic Online Video Tutorials for Forensic Science Students

Learn by watching, not necessarily reading, in these forensic science tutorials.

  1. Forensic Science
    There are many videos to choose from in this video library. There is a forensic video of the day, along with many others to choose from. There are even playlists on topics such as chemistry and science fiction.
  2. Forensic Files
    Get true life forensic stories here. This show is part of Tru TV and has loads of entries for the choosing. You can get Forensics 101 and challenges.
  3. What is Forensic Science?
    Get an introductory video to the topic from an Australian educator. They include the three main branches : field science, laboratory science, and medical science. There are also other related videos.
  4. Secrets of the Dead
    Learn the tales of the dead in these videos. Forensic science is used here to learn the history of how and when people died. A few samples include Blackbeard and Michelangelo.
  5. Visualizing the Medical Data Explosion
    Anders Ynnerman gave this talk for TED in 2010. It focuses on the wealth of data imaging that new technology has given us. The forensic applications are also shared.
  6. Forensic DNA Analysis
    This video is from the PBS series Nova. It follows a team of experts as they investigate the forensic evidence from the 1954 murder of Marilyn Sheppard, one of the most famous unsolved crimes in U.S. history. The link is given by Teacher’s Domain.
  7. Face of Jesus
    How can forensic science and religion combine? In this video, forensic science is used to calculate what Jesus’s face looked like. Experts try to recreate the face using modern science techniques.
  8. Real Human Bodies Exhibit
    Famous forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht narrates a tour of the amazing “Bodies” exhibit at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. About one million people have stopped by to view the video.
  9. Serial Killers
    This documentary features a history of infamous killers. Forensic science students will enjoy the history of the practice, as well as its modern day uses. The video is available in four parts.

Other Fantastic Online Tutorials for Forensic Science Students

These tutorials focus on a specific aspect of forensic science.

  1. Forensic Law
    Get the legal side of forensic law in this tutorial. It is provided by US Legal and has sections on criminalistics, evidentiary value, litigation, and more. You can also find many other legal tutorials here.
  2. Legal Aspects of Forensic Science
    Visit here for another tutorial on the legal side of forensic science. It is provided by the site What When How. There are sections on search and seizure, chain of custody, expert reports, and more.
  3. Latent Print Examination
    Learn all about fingerprints, palm prints, and foot prints here. They have general information as well as more advanced tutorials. You can also get the site in several languages.
  4. Forensic Document Examiner
    Forgery, fraud, and other related areas are the focus of this forensic science. Emily J. Will is a forensic document examiner and writes all about the career here. She includes theory, applications, and even famous cases.
  5. Alan Barbour’s Forensic Toxicology Page
    He brings his visitors a guide to experts, laboratories, and links to forensic toxicology items of interest. Learn more about the practice with a visit. You can even send in your own links.
  6. Forensic Botany
    A love of plants and forensics are combined in this practice. The site has loads more on the topic including various areas of sub-study. They also have links to literature.
  7. Chem Finder
    Use this massive site to look up chemical reactions. You can get thousands of entries on items like drug reactions, medicines, and more. You can even do a quick search on the site.
  8. How Autopsies Work
    Learn all about the forensic practice of examining a body here. Dr. G,is a popular medical examiner and takes you through it. You can also find many other related resources.
  9. Computer Forensics
    Because forensic science isn’t all life science, click here. See how technology is being used in the field through Computer Forensics World. They have an FAQ, downloads, forums, and more.
  10. And the above 35 fantastic online tutorials for forensic science students feature loads of updates on a regular basis. The internet can also offer answers to other questions such as what is the top forensic science school and what careers they can work in.

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