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25 Phenomenal Forensic Science Job Sites | The Forensic Files

25 Phenomenal Forensic Science Job Sites

Forensic scientists help to solve crimes by collecting and analyzing physical evidence. They also may go into life science careers, such as forensic psychology — a job that encompasses everything from simple court cases to analysis of a criminal’s intent. The forensic sciences also include laboratory jobs, DNA research, and producing evidence for courts that can prove or deny a person’s innocence. The following job sites encompass all those aspects in this field, including sites that focus solely on specialties such as firearms, genetics, and criminal justice.

Forensic-Specific Job Sites

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  1. Crime Scene Investigator Network: This crime scene site now contains a job board, and the job openings are located across the U.S. The current list includes jobs like crime laboratory manager in Louisiana, and a crime scene investigator in Grand Prairie, Texas.
  2. Criminal Law Jobs: Popular searches at this job search engine include forensic scientists, forensic, forensic science, and criminal justice, among others. You also can search for jobs by employer or state.
  3. Forensic Jobs: Forensic Magazine offers job postings from around the Web. This list includes a wide range of jobs, from cyber forensic specialists to computer forensic examiners and forensic mortgage underwriters.
  4. Forensic Psychology Jobs: This is the site you want if you’re searching for jobs with the application of psychology to the field of criminal justice and law. Typically, forensic psychologists work in courts and private practices, but they also can provide analysis of a criminal’s mind and intent, treat mentally ill offenders and even consult with lawyers.

Larger Job Sites

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  1. CareerBuilder Forensics Expert Jobs: This listing includes jobs for those individuals with forensic experience. You also can search this site for forensic specialties, jobs for beginners in the field, and jobs in your area.
  2. CareerOneStop: This site contains veterans and government job banks, private sector job banks, and state job banks. there is a focus at this site on forensic science technicians, but you also can search for careers in life sciences.
  3. Employment Crossing Forensic Science Jobs: The jobs listed here are from across the U.S., and include titles such as computer forensics associate, forensic examiner, and forensic anthropologist.
  4. Indeed Forensic: Indeed pulls job listings from various sources. The forensics jobs here currently include a DNA lab specialist, forensic medical director, and several listings for forensic scientists.
  5. Monster Forensic Science Jobs: While this list includes forensic science jobs, you also can search for other forensic specialties by keyword, or search for jobs in your location by region, state, or city.
  6. Simply Hired Forensic Science Jobs: Jobs listed in this category include internships, structural engineer, forensics engineer, and forensic regional account manager for genetic identity. You also can search by company, job type, education and experience, and by recruiter.
  7. US.Jobs: This site lists jobs through the National Labor Exchange. Job opportunities under “forensic science” seem to focus on computer forensics and data analysis. However, you can refine your search by job title, location, and company.
  8. USAJobs: This site is a U.S. Office of Personnel Management website, and includes jobs posted by the Federal Government. Forensic jobs are included in this postings, including any from organizations such as the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Forensics Laboratory.

Organizations and Associations

Forensic Scientist

  1. American Academy of Forensic Sciences: This professional organization provides leadership to advance science and its application to the legal system. There is no charge to list a job, and you don’t need to be a member to peruse the listings.
  2. Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners (AFTE): This organization lists jobs that focus on firearms, but they also include crime scene supervisors and investigators, forensic scientists, and criminalists.
  3. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF): ATF lists a broad range of career opportunities for professionals. Because of the breadth and scope of ATF’s mission, they employ professionals in fields as varied as intelligence analysis, laboratory sciences, information technology, human resources, general management, and law.
  4. Federal Bureau of Investigation Careers (FBI): The FBI separates career specialties into linguists, special agents, hostage rescue teams, professional staff opportunities, and special agents. They also list internship opportunities for college students.
  5. Forensic Advisors International: On this page you will find information for senior forensic consultant and instructor positions and how to apply for them. Senior forensic advisors and instructors are subcontractors to the Criminal Division of the US Department of Justice’s International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program. They are not employees of the US Government.
  6. International Association for Identification (IAI): IAI lists jobs as a service to members. The IAI maintains no further information about any particular job that is posted. The list starts with the oldest job offer first, and the newest job offers are located at the bottom of the list.
  7. National Association of Medical Examiners: This site lists jobs for general positions, jobs for forensic pathologists, and a category for non-forensic pathology jobs.
  8. Society of Forensic Toxicologists, Inc. (SOFT): SOFT is an organization composed of practicing forensic toxicologists and those interested in the discipline for the purpose of promoting and developing forensic toxicology. They post listings as a service to their members, but this is an open list to the public.

Forensic Science Association Employment Lists

The following links are included, because they provide a rich resource for information about forensic science careers. The jobs, in most cases, are not limited to the region. However, the jobs also are not repeated throughout. So, you might want to check all regions to learn about forensic science jobs located across the U.S.

Measuring Sea Turtle Eggs

  1. Mid-Atlantic Association of Forensic Scientists (MAAFS): Currently, this site contains job listings for the Mid-Atlantic region in the U.S. as well as jobs in California, Massachusetts, and Wyoming.
  2. Midwestern Association of Forensic Scientists (MAFS): Again, job postings in this list are not confined to the Midwest. Jobs are available in Las Vegas, West Virginia, and Louisiana. Some of the job listings include senior criminalist, forensic project coordinator, and forensic drug analyst.
  3. Northeastern Association of Forensic Scientists (NEAFS): The jobs listed here do focus mainly on the Northeast U.S., and include careers such as director for forensic services, technical support for genetic identity, and toxicology.
  4. Northwest Association of Forensic Scientists (NWAFS): The jobs listed here are in Adobe Acrobat format. They include jobs from across the U.S., so they are not limited to the Northwest region.
  5. Southwestern Association of Forensic Scientists (SWAFS): This job listing is more detailed on the front end, listing job descriptions and requirements. Jobs include DNA manager, forensic scientist for latent prints, firearms, and toolmarks, and a crime scene section supervisor. Jobs listed are mostly in the Southwest, but some jobs are listed from other regions as well.
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