The Benefits of Forensic Science Internships and How to Find Them

If you want to be at the top of the career game when you graduate, think about an internship while you’re in school. Internships can help you gain experience in forensic science jobs. Employers sometimes are willing to hire interns with little or no experience, especially if the intern is willing to accept little or no monetary compensation. However, the benefits of doing an internship go far beyond your paycheck. An internship also can be the deciding factor that best predicts if this field is something you would really be interested in pursuing as a future career choice. Read further to learn about the benefits of a forensic science internship, and ways to find those opportunities. Continue reading

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25 Phenomenal Forensic Science Job Sites

Forensic scientists help to solve crimes by collecting and analyzing physical evidence. They also may go into life science careers, such as forensic psychology — a job that encompasses everything from simple court cases to analysis of a criminal’s intent. The forensic sciences also include laboratory jobs, DNA research, and producing evidence for courts that can prove or deny a person’s innocence. The following job sites encompass all those aspects in this field, including sites that focus solely on specialties such as firearms, genetics, and criminal justice. Continue reading

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35 Fantastic Online Tutorials for Forensic Science Students

Anyone who is a forensic science student or who works day to day in the field knows that the practice can change as quickly as the technology. As with most sciences, students are asked to look to the history as well as the future, but there is only so much you can learn with textbooks.

To help supplement an education in forensic science, we have collected 35 fantastic online tutorials for forensic science students. They contain everything from helping you get a better grasp on science to learning more about a specific area of the practice of forensics. Continue reading

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33 Unique Career Paths in Forensic Science

Although forensic scientists are known for the roles they play in the justice system, the studies within a forensic science degree might lead you to other careers where you can study and analyze data. You study biology, and you might study ballistics. You could study handwriting, fingerprinting, biochemistry or DNA analysis. You also might decide to take on some environmental or animal studies or go into nuclear medicine. Although some of the career paths listed below are aligned with forensic sciences, you might find some other ideas that could expand your horizons in this list of 33 career paths in forensic science. Continue reading

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25 Useful Android Apps for Private Detectives and Investigators

One of the most interesting jobs you can do is that of private investigator. You aren’t a forensic scientist when you do this job, but you do need to have some of the same qualities. You need to show attention to detail, and be willing to think outside the box as you follow the evidence.

Even though a private investigator is not law enforcement, it is important to note that P.I.s need to be properly licensed, and have the right credentials to work in that capacity. Once you are properly credentialed as a private investigator, you can help others find people, gather evidence, and perform other functions. You can get help in your efforts with an Android phone. The right apps on your smartphone can help you do your job better. Here are 25 Android apps that P.I.s might find useful:

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Top 50 Blogs for Forensic Science Technicians

Forensic science includes a number of interesting parts from a variety of disciplines. In fact, in order to be a good forensic science technician, it can help to have a basic understanding of a few different areas of science, as well as a working knowledge of criminal justice policy and procedure. Here are 50 top blogs for forensic science technicians:

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25 Most Influential People in Forensic Science

Great forensic scientists over the years have been compared to Sherlock Holmes. But, Holmes was a work of fiction, whereas the following individuals are real — and, they’ve solved real crimes. Their contributions to forensic science, both past and current, continue to expand the world of forensics while shrinking that world for criminals.

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25 Free Open Courseware Classes on Forensic Science

Forensics is a very interesting branch of science. It is also a necessary part of the criminal justice system. Throughout history, there have been a number of criminologists, scientists and just plain smart cops and detectives who have helped contribute to making forensics a science. And now, if you are interested in learning more about forensic science, it is possible to learn — or brush up on — skills related to forensics. Here are 25 open courseware classes that provide you an opportunity to learn about forensic science for free:

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Top 50 Personal Security Blogs

Are you worried about your personal and online security? Even if you aren’t worried about it, someone else is blogging about it — at least about how you can protect yourself. Now, all you need to do is find those blogs and apply their tips, news and advice to your life. The list below is a start, as it contains the top fifty personal security blogs on the Internet today, all updated and ready to use.

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Top 10 Most Famous Forensic Experts in History

Forensic science is an interesting career choice. You look at evidence at a crime scene, and then use it to put together clues that point to who might have done the deed. While forensic science has been made popular through shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and even Dexter, Gil Grissom and Dexter aren’t the only famous forensic scientists out there. Here are 10 of the most notable and famous forensic experts in history:

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