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35 Fantastic Online Tutorials for Forensic Science Students

Anyone who is a forensic science student or who works day to day in the field knows that the practice can change as quickly as the technology. As with most sciences, students are asked to look to the history as … Continue reading

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25 Most Influential People in Forensic Science

Great forensic scientists over the years have been compared to Sherlock Holmes. But, Holmes was a work of fiction, whereas the following individuals are real — and, they’ve solved real crimes. Their contributions to forensic science, both past and current, … Continue reading

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25 Free Open Courseware Classes About Criminology

Have you ever entertained the urge to study criminology? While many local police departments often conduct a “citizen academy” for residents that includes studies in criminology and crime, you also can find free online courses from reputable colleges. These courses … Continue reading

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Top 50 Forensic Science Blogs

Are you into forensic toxicology, psychology, pathology, anthropology, entomology, odontology, botany or serology? While many expert sites exist online, it’s rare to find currently updated information on forensic science in blogs. But, the following list of fifty blogs that focus … Continue reading

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25 Most Infamous Crimes In Modern History

Who do you think about when you think about serial killers or mass murderers? Who comes to mind when you think about celebrity crimes? The following list, divided into five categories, contains a list of 25 of the most infamous … Continue reading

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